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How To Pick Best Skateboard Parts

As a skateboarding enthusiast I think that although there are a lot of product reviews available about skateboards and longboards, there are only a few buying guides about how to pick skateboard parts. Not only that but I think people generally focus on getting skateboards instead of longboards. So today, I decided to help you pick out one of the most important parts of your longboards, the longboard wheels. Basically, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about longboard wheels. This includes a few things like the size of the longboard wheels, the durometer, the lip shape and where the core of the wheels is located on the longboard. So let us start with the most important part, the durometer of the longboard. For all of the beginners out there, the durometer basically measures the hardness of the wheel. Generally speaking, the harder the wheel the better it is deemed to be.

How To Pick Best Skateboard Parts
That is basically because hard wheels tend to go faster. But the main thing about the durometer is that the hardness of the wheel and its suitability depends on the surface you will be using your longboard on. Right now, with me I have wheels measuring DA 81a, which is pretty soft compared to most wheels, whereas the other one that I have is about 103A it’s actually like 83 b, or something like that. It is crazy, but it’s more of a street in park wheel now. Another difference between hard and soft wheels is that softer wheels, grip the ground better, whereas harder wheels, don’t really grip the surface that well. Hard wheels are also better suited for smooth surfaces. At first, I thought harder wheels might be better for rough surfaces and last longer. But actually, harder wheels tend to go faster on smooth surfaces as compared to the rough surfaces. The reverse is also true which basically means that the softer wheels are faster on hard surfaces and grip a lot better too. But of course there can exceptions to that because you also have to look at other stuff, not just the durometer. For more skateboard info, you should visit Review Skateboard – .
For example, the Metro motion has bearings that measure 11on the ABEC scale but Griffin about 81 a rides a lot harder and the slide is a lot more. So like having only one good part is not enough, the entire longboard with all of its parts has to be considered. I think I have mentioned this before but one more thing, the hardness of the wheel also determines how fast you can go. The basic rule is that harder wheels go faster and the softer wheels have less acceleration. I want to talk about another thing about longboard wheel which really matters. That is the fact whether the longboard wheel is a shape of the “lips” The lips of the wheel basically represent the sides of the wheels right here in here round lips slide a lot better than sharp Lupe’s. However, when you slide sharp lips, you just sort of force them to go for a round two. Basically you need to look at how round the wheels are and whether there are any sharp edges or angles to it. I think that is about it, enjoy buying longboard wheels now.

Updated: April 4, 2018 — 8:50 pm

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