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Story of my New Motor Vehicle subwoofer

Hello I need to impart my own understanding to you I got this snow-capped compose bar it’s a 10 and I got it with this crate it was fixed and I got it for like 70 bucks at the pawn shop years prior man and the Motor vehicle Subwoofer like shiny new you know it’s really a decent that stuff has a pleasant magnet I like the way was influenced you to know it resembles intriguing and crap I ceased the port on it’s injured.

I like 30 I don’t know 30 like 5 harms however it resembles a little box gracious it Peaks sounds quite great louder single 10 I’ve ever heard however like for genuine goodness this is simply impermanent in light of the fact that I’m offering it at the present time so I should make a video and this is the main amp I at any point needed to kick her 500 focuses to do this poop it resembles brother oh my goodness this is presumably similar to from 2001 it has the fan Goten I I’m almost certain it’s a Class An on the grounds that it’s large as fuck for just 500 watts and you know in those days that is what was about a B you know this is a Class D yet this I’m offering that poo – that is my old personalities and I am I understood that Class eight B amps sound with best shallow mount subwoofers route better on the entryways man like it’s more similar to fresh more clear um so I was simply trying that out I should be soon I ought to got the opportunity to put it online today around evening time indeed I’m trying out this amp it was really broken um for like two or three years.


I liked back in the shed cuz I don’t have the foggiest idea about the motherboard was altogether messed up hello you ‘all got the chance to attempt this man so this is the thing that I did to settle it went straight to security for a considerable length of time right so one day I resembled fuck it what do I got the chance to lose so I plunged it in liquor like I put 911 individual bring everywhere throughout the disgraceful motherboard I took the top off on then I wash it with cleanser you know I scoured it with water sort of put some weight on it with water let it dry out and think about what the poop works idealize man I never really worked this great no doubt.


I was simply checking whether that thing turns on so mom put that available to be purchased today around evening time – on my break I’m fundamentally doing my framework once more I’m doing it the correct path through yet definitely how about we hear this 1000 for those of all are tailing me and really watch. better believe it I completed a few new things this menu head unit I like it’s 4 volt pre out it’s really the head unit just before the advertisement PRS definitely man I’m a fuck I make so much benefit.


I got it for 70 bucks OK slap the you know port a little PVC port you know it took like there to be five minutes introduce um and I’m going to make I got it for seven I’m going to offer it for 190 so you crunch the numbers it’s really a decent amount of benefit on the bot offering this old ass subterranean insect – no doubt nothing’s not by any means hot and I’m almost certain it was cutting I don’t complete a fuck for another person to do it gracious better believe it peace out.

Updated: May 25, 2018 — 7:40 pm

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